Current offers

Exclusive offers that are good for your budget, and the planet.

Current offers

Discounted prices on a money-saving staff gift.

We’ve teamed up with Fridge Friend to offer exclusive discounts on these innovative, money-saving, waste-fighting products.

For any organisation looking to gift their team something thoughtful and useful, the Fridge Friend helps to keep produce longer for up to 169%, saving households on grocery bills.

Free subscription to ASPIRE

Thanks to Brisbane City Council, we’re offering all Brisbane small and medium businesses a free subscription to the ASPIRE platform.

Using ASPIRE can help your business sell your unwanted resources or ‘waste’ to generate additional profit while also offering a low-cost way to procure equipment and products.

More exclusive offers coming soon!

Stay tuned for competitive offers on products and services to make your business more sustainable, without breaking the bank. That’s something worth smiling about!

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