BSA receives silver Carbon Literacy® certification 

We are proud to announce that Brisbane Sustainability Agency (BSA) is officially a silver Carbon Literate Organisation!  

In December, 80% of our team achieved formal Carbon Literate certification by completing BSA’s accredited Carbon Literacy® course through the Sustainable Action Training Program. Since then, BSA has been able to demonstrate a commitment to embedding the knowledge, principles and actions of Carbon Literacy within our organisation, earning us the ‘Silver’ level Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO) certification – the highest organisational certification achieved in Australia.

Multiple groups of 4 - 6 people standing around separate tables working together on an activity card game on the tables.
The multi-modal training involves online modules, in-person workshops, collaborative games, videos and activities.

“Sustainable action starts with education. That’s why I’m so pleased to support Brisbane Sustainability Agency in becoming one of two organisations in Australia to be granted silver CLO certification by the internationally renowned Carbon Literacy Project,” notes BSA CEO, Tracy Melenewycz.

By becoming a silver CLO, BSA has demonstrated a commitment to genuine low-carbon action, environmental and economic impact, and building a low-carbon future at individual and organisational levels.

BSA has also achieved Carbon Literacy Training Organisation status, meaning that our certified trainers have developed a Carbon Literacy course tailored for local audiences, which has been endorsed by the Carbon Literacy Project.

“We don’t want to keep this transformational training experience to ourselves. BSA is eager to help as many businesses, schools, community groups, and individuals to take the necessary steps to build scientific knowledge and turn carbon literacy into real change for a sustainable future,” says Melenewycz.

A group of BSA staff members watching a workshop being presented by a training facilitator who is talking to writing on a white board.
Learning modules cover the history and mechanics of climate science, climate futures and impacts, sustainability economics, politics and justice, systemic solutions and individual-action taking.

What is Carbon Literacy?

Carbon Literacy is the knowledge and capacity required to create a positive shift in how humanity lives, works and behaves in response to a changing climate. The Carbon Literacy Project define Carbon Literacy as ‘an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.’

While Carbon Literacy has been used in scientific literature and casually, it is now mostly associated with The Carbon Literacy Project, the organisation responsible for the internationally-recognised training program which has certified over 88,000 citizens and 244 organisations in over 26 countries worldwide.

Visit our Sustainable Action Training page and get in touch via the expression of interest form to learn more about the multiple training and education experiences we offer for organisations and schools.

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