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How we are shaping Brisbane’s sustainability story.

What we’re all about

Brisbane Sustainability Agency is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Brisbane City Council. We bring together the expertise of CitySmart and Oxley Creek Transformation to collectively supercharge Council’s long-term plan for a clean, green and sustainable Brisbane and beyond, with an emphasis on sustainability and liveability outcomes for the region.

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A clean, green and sustainable Brisbane

Sustainable living is a big part of Brisbane City Council’s vision for the city. It’s called Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031. This outlines Brisbane’s key sustainability achievements and future targets and commitments to drive us towards a more sustainable city.

Brisbane Sustainability Agency will accelerate Council’s long-term plan for positive environmental outcomes across biodiversity, water, waste, energy and climate change.

How we will achieve this:

Demonstrating leadership

Demonstrating world-class leadership in sustainability

Environmental practices

Promoting environmental best practices

Creating Outcomes

Creating signature legacy outcomes

Make a sustainable city

Helping make it the most sustainable city for future generations to enjoy

Making an impact with dedicated goals

Sustainability means creating a world that thrives – environmentally, economically, socially.


  • Influence sustainability outcomes for Brisbane and beyond
  • Educate and empower residents and businesses to adopt sustainable lifestyles and practices
  • Drive transformational change to degraded natural areas to create and preserve legacy greenspaces for Brisbane.


  • Encourage more sustainable communities through our events and programs
  • Enhance public spaces to create more opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy Brisbane’s natural environment
  • Accelerate the delivery of key projects that yield sustainability and liveability outcomes for the city.


  • Inspire and support businesses to adopt and commit to sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices
  • Deliver legacy environmental outcomes to ensure Brisbane remains a liveable city for future generations
  • Attract and foster partnerships and investment to deliver exemplar on-the-ground projects, services, and positive economic outcomes.

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