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How we are shaping Brisbane’s sustainability story.

What we’re all about

Brisbane Sustainability Agency (BSA) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Brisbane City Council, dedicated to supercharging its long-term plan for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable city, with an emphasis on sustainable and liveable outcomes.

Through an agile and adaptive operating model and partnerships across government, industry and the community, BSA has planned, facilitated and delivered legacy resilience, natural environment and sustainability outcomes for the Brisbane community to date, and is uniquely positioned to support and accelerate goals and future sustainability aspirations for the region.

The BSA Board of Directors and Executive team strategically guide the company and bring a collective experience that spans environmental conservation and rehabilitation, restoration of iconic public spaces, property development, innovation through land use planning, financial and risk management, legal services, marketing and public relations, landscape architecture and business management.

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A clean, green and sustainable Brisbane

Sustainable living is a big part of Brisbane City Council’s vision for the city. It’s called Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031. This outlines Brisbane’s key sustainability achievements and future targets and commitments to drive us towards a more sustainable city.

Brisbane Sustainability Agency will accelerate Council’s long-term plan for positive environmental outcomes across biodiversity, water, waste, energy and climate change.

How we will achieve this:

Demonstrating leadership

Demonstrating world-class leadership in sustainability

Environmental practices

Promoting environmental best practices

Creating Outcomes

Creating signature legacy outcomes

Make a sustainable city

Helping make it the most sustainable city for future generations to enjoy

Making an impact with dedicated goals

Sustainability means creating a world that thrives – environmentally, economically, socially.


  • Influence sustainability outcomes for Brisbane and beyond
  • Educate and empower residents and businesses to adopt sustainable lifestyles and practices
  • Drive transformational change to degraded natural areas to create and preserve legacy greenspaces for Brisbane.


  • Encourage more sustainable communities through our events and programs
  • Enhance public spaces to create more opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy Brisbane’s natural environment
  • Accelerate the delivery of key projects that yield sustainability and liveability outcomes for the city.


  • Inspire and support businesses to adopt and commit to sustainable and environmentally conscious business practices
  • Deliver legacy environmental outcomes to ensure Brisbane remains a liveable city for future generations
  • Attract and foster partnerships and investment to deliver exemplar on-the-ground projects, services, and positive economic outcomes.

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