About us

Shaping the journey to a biodiverse, sustainable and resilient future.

These three priorities guide our day-to-day work and long-term aspirations.

Natural Environment

We are committed to creating legacy environmental outcomes that restore degraded ecosystems and create healthy greenspaces and waterways for future generations.

Sustainability in Action

We are committed to delivering initiatives that demonstrate and enable the benefits of a low-emissions and circular society for residents, businesses and the community.

Climate Resilience

We are committed to contributing to a climate-resilient community that can prepare for, live through and recover quickly from extreme weather events with minimal disruption.

Our award-winning, eclectic team proudly use our expertise to design and deliver events, projects and programs for our biodiverse, sustainable and resilient priorities. Through a collaborative approach, we achieve this by opening minds, changing behaviour and transforming structures.

Collaborating for action

We understand that bringing together skilled people with diverse perspectives makes addressing complex problems easier. Collaboration is the precursor to action.

Our approach to delivery is built on a foundation of value creation through collaborative abundance. We believe that value isn’t finite and that partnering and collaborating at every opportunity creates more value. Whether its engaging skilled suppliers to deliver specialist outcomes, or partnering with a variety of government, private sector or community clients to address unique challenges, collaboration is the foundation that enables our approach to delivery and ultimately, achieves our vision.

A bit about us

BSA is wholly owned subsidiary company of Brisbane City Council (not for profit proprietary company limited by shares), dedicated to supercharging Council’s aspirations for a clean, environmentally thriving and sustainable city, with an emphasis on sustainable and liveable outcomes.

Our unique governance structure allows us to focus on delivering Brisbane City Council’s sustainability goals, while also creating innovative and effective initiatives with other partners (such as large corporate entities, other government organisations, NGOs, community groups and businesses) that contribute to our three organisational priorities.

Join our journey to a biodiverse, sustainable and resilient future

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