Resilient Clubs Support Program

Helping Brisbane clubs become more energy and water efficient to reduce operational costs, future-proofing them for the benefit of the Brisbane community.

Are you a participating club of the Resilient Clubs Support Program?

Visit the Resilient Clubs Information Hub. This one-stop-shop includes useful and essential information to help your club reduce operational costs while being more sustainable, including webinar recordings, advice from our expert suppliers, grants and funding opportunities and more.

About the program

Helping clubs spend less on maintenance and more on players

The Resilient Clubs Support Program is an initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with its sustainability agency, Brisbane Sustainability Agency.

The program is funded by Council and is provided as a free service to invited community organisations (clubs) who lease facilities from Council.

Clubs invited to the program are supported through identifying and implementing practical options to improve their water and energy management, which can help to reduce maintenance costs. Because clubs with sporting fields tend to be larger users of water, the program has a particular focus on supporting these clubs.

The program will also provide a range of support to help clubs on this journey, including education, awareness, directly financing certain activities in the short-term and helping clubs connect with future grant opportunities. 

The program is being rolled out until June 2024, with the aim to support over 260 clubs across Brisbane.

Benefits of the program

Improving water and energy use can reduce costs to the club over the long-term (such as bills, maintenance, and repairs), as well as improving the value that clubs get from their water and energy spend. In addition to possible savings, there are other benefits such as an improved playing surface or less downtime for maintenance.

Eligibility for Program services is determined by Council and will include some of the following for participating clubs:

  • activities such as energy and water efficiency audits
  • development of a ‘Water and Energy Efficiency Action Plan’
  • a coaching and support program to assist with implementing the Action Plan over time
  • a range of water and energy-related infrastructure upgrades
  • installation of solar energy systems
  • installation of data energy monitoring systems.

A key outcome of the Resilient Clubs Support Program is the significant reduction in resource use from community clubs, which leads to a reduction in environmental impacts. As of March 2023, the program has:

  • completed 653 energy, water, turf and irrigation audits
  • completed upgrade works at 91 clubs
  • installed 50 solar power systems
  • saved 1,450,000 kWh of energy annually (estimated)
  • saved 30,479 kL of water annually (estimated)
  • saved 1,260 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually (estimated)
  • saved clubs approximately $398,980 on energy and water costs in total per year (estimated), representing an estimated return on investment period based on lighting, solar and plumbing works alone of 4.1 years.*

*This assumption has been made using utility charges and tariffs as of August 2022.

For more information about the program, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Case Studies

Bulimba Bowls’

Bulimba Bowls Memorial Club is a much-loved community hub, but the meticulous upkeep of bowling greens requires regimented and resource-intensive irrigation. Also, the friendly nature of the clubhouse welcomes patrons all year round, requiring energy consumption all months of the year, compared to many other sporting clubs which have off-peak seasons.

See how the Resilient Clubs Support Program helped Bulimba Bowls overcome these challenges and slash their energy bill by 63% and save approximately $8,800 on bills!

Everton Wolves

In 2021 Everton Wolves grew by over 30% – boasting its largest size since the club’s inception. While this is a fantastic achievement, the increase in club members, volunteers, and associates requires electricity and water services to keep up with growing demands. It
has become a key focus for the club to ensure that all their operating costs aren’t locked up in these growing bills.

Read how the Resilient Clubs Support Program helped Everton Bills save on water and energy and stay focused on growing their community hub!

Are you a community organisation volunteer, operator or manager?

Visit the Resilient Clubs Information Hub and learn from coaching tips, webinar recordings, financial assistance and grants available and other resources specifically for community organisations looking to lower their environmental footprint and operational costs.

More information

If you are a participant in the Resilient Clubs Support Program and have a question about your experience, or if you would simply like to learn more, get in touch.

You can contact Brisbane Sustainability Agency’s Resilient Clubs team on (07) 3007 7000 or you can email

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