Law firm uses no-cost actions to reduce energy use

How behaviour change can bring big savings for your business, with little cost.


Office-based law firm launches a ‘switch-off’ campaign

Gadens Lawyers participated in the CitySwitch program with a short-term goal of reducing their energy use by 20% through changes to daily habits.

The problem

With 6,000 square meters of office space over five floors, this company used 70,000kWh of electricity every year. This added up to electricity costs of more than $90,000 a year, and a substantial carbon footprint.

The solution

Realising the opportunity to reduce costs and their improve environmental impact, they decided to launch a staff behaviour change campaign. With a short term goal of 20% reduction in monthly energy consumption, Gadens stood to save $18,400 yearly through behaviour change alone.

Key actions encouraged through a staff campaign included:

  • setting the default print setting to double sided on all devices
  • educating staff on energy efficient behaviour using emails and team meetings
  • launching a ‘switch off’ campaign for lights and computers


$18,400 annual savings

20% less energy use

402,000 kg less carbon emissions

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