Brisbane Carbon Challenge

The Brisbane Carbon Challenge is a Brisbane City Council initiative delivered in partnership with Brisbane Sustainability Agency to support residents to reduce their household carbon footprint and save on bills.

About the program

Through the Brisbane Carbon Challenge, Brisbane City Council is helping residents to understand and reduce their household carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

By taking the Brisbane Carbon Challenge, you will learn about the carbon emissions created as a result of your household’s transport, home energy use and waste and receive tips on how to reduce your emissions and save on household bills – potentially by thousands of dollars a year.

There are a range of carbon reduction actions to suit all homes, budgets and lifestyles. And many might also be better for your health as well as save you money.

The goal is to reduce the carbon emissions created by Brisbane households to six tonnes on average by 2031 – representing around a 50 per cent reduction from the current average of 11.5 tonnes.

Ready to take the challenge? Follow these simple steps.

  • Estimate your household carbon footprint using the online calculator
  • Use the online resources and try some of the actions recommended for your household
  • Go back and re-take the challenge to see how your footprint has changed

What’s your household carbon footprint?

Take the challenge to learn about your household’s emissions and receive tips on how to reduce your emissions and save on bills.

Don’t forget to share your Brisbane Carbon Challenge results with your family and friends and encourage them to take the Challenge too!

Working together, we can achieve our target to halve household carbon emissions by 2031 and help make Brisbane a low carbon and climate resilient city.

Champion households

Reducing your household carbon emissions by up to 50 per cent might sound like a daunting task and will be more difficult for some of us than others.

To demonstrate how it can be done, Brisbane Sustainability Agency is working with Brisbane City Council to help Champion Households all over Brisbane halve their carbon emissions. The households have been supported by Brisbane Sustainability Agency throughout 2021 to understand where their carbon emissions are coming from, take action to reduce them and share their experiences along the way.

Soon, we will be releasing stories of how the Champion Households’ have gone on their carbon-reducing journey.

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