Helping Brisbane businesses recover and build back better from flooding

The recent severe weather event in Brisbane has impacted many residents and businesses who were inundated with floodwater.  

Brisbane Sustainability Agency and Brisbane City Council are working with residents to help aid in our city’s recovery as we clean up and rebuild to bring our city and suburbs back to the way we know and love.

Recovering from flood

Financial support available
QRIDA Disaster Recovery Payments – Queensland Government’s disaster recovery payments of up to $75,000 for businesses, farmers and non-profit organisations that have been affected by flooding.

Disaster assistance loans – QRIDA delivers a broad range of financial assistance programs on behalf of state, territory and commonwealth governments.

Flood rates relief – Brisbane City Council is supporting residents affected by the recent severe weather with a range of rates relief initiatives.

Grants and financial assistance – A list of the types of Queensland Government grants and financial assistance available to flood-affected residents and businesses in the state.

Disaster recovery services and support – Australian Government online search engine to find how to claim disaster support payments and other services in your area.
Other flood recovery support services
February 2022 severe weather event recovery – Brisbane City Council’s flood recovery information, resources and answers to frequently asked questions.

Business hotline – Brisbane City Council – 133 BNE (133 263) – After a disaster, there are many considerations for every business owner. Use Council’s one-stop shop for all your questions.

Legal Aid – A guide to help you find the right help for your business after a flood.

Financial difficulty – Find contacts for financial help from the financial services industry.

If you are a sporting or community club, we strongly recommend reading our flood recovery tips, advice and resources for clubs.

Disaster and emergency services – Queensland Government support services for residents and businesses affected by flooding.

Recovering from a disaster – Brisbane City Council information on recovery, health, pets and tools to help following a disaster event.

Givit – The official Government partner for donations towards the 2022 Flood Recovery. If you have lost items due to flood damage, this online portal offers solutions through community donations.

Flooding in Brisbane – Brisbane City Council’s information on flooding in Brisbane.
Advice and guidelines for cleaning up
Rebuilding and clean up – Queensland Government resources on rebuilding after a flood, including information on returning home after a storm, reconnecting electricity and water and replacing lost or destroyed documents.

Brisbane waste services during flood and clean up – Brisbane City Council’s waste services information for flood-related waste, including free resource recovery trips, food waste drop-off, and kerbside collection.

Public health advice for disaster management – Queensland Health’s factsheets, posters and advice regarding health and safety when responding to and recovering from disaster events such as fire, storms, cyclones and floods.

Asbestos safety – Asbestos is common in houses built before 1990. Material containing asbestos can be damaged during severe weather and recovery efforts can be dangerous if this material is not handled safely. Read this resource on how to identify and manage asbestos materials after a flood event.

Infection risk from flood recovery and response work – Flooding can release all kinds of toxic substances – this guide shows you how to keep safe while helping with recovery efforts.
Being prepared for severe weather
Early Warning Weather Alerts – Register to receive early warning alerts for severe weather events.

BOM Queensland rainfall and river conditions – Find out what weather issues are near you.

What to do before, during and after a flood – Emergency Management Australia’s guide to help Australians prepare for, live through and recover from flooding.

Road conditions map – Find out where your current road hazards are, and avoid accidents, closed roads and other hazards.

Building climate resilience

Choosing resilient and efficient products
As you recover from flood-related damage, we recommend considering flood-resilient building and construction techniques to ensure that you can build back better following extreme weather events and not replace perishable materials like-for-like.

There are many things you can do when lodging insurance claims and replacing your damaged goods to ensure that your assets are more flood resilient as well as being more energy and water-efficient. Procuring resilient and efficient products can lower your bills, save you on future flood damage costs and lower your environmental footprint. The below resources are designed to help you decide how to replace damaged goods to build back better and while some may appear to be for residents, the same advice can be applied to small business capital and equipment.

Choice – A reliable resource to review and compare different products’ quality, price and water and energy efficiency.

GECA and EcoSpecifier – Websites that list and compare environmentally friendly products and items.
Water efficiency resources
Water rating and comparison – Australian Government water efficiency guide and comparison for appliances, fixtures and products.

YourHome Water – Information on reducing water use and increasing efficiency at home.
Energy efficiency resources
Energy rating calculator – Calculator and comparison of appliance energy rating scores.

YourHome hot water systems – Australian Government energy efficiency information on different hot water systems.

YourHome lighting – Australian Government energy efficiency information on different lighting solutions.

YourHome appliances and technology – Australian Government energy efficiency information on different appliances and technology.
Resources from the Flood Resilient Homes Program
See below for resources from our Flood Resilient Homes Program, to help you prepare for, live through and recover from the next flooding event with minimal disruption. These resources have been developed for households but can also be used by businesses and community groups with approval from flood-resilient design and construction experts.

How to build flood resilience – A guide to help homeowners and businesses assess and build flood-resilient buildings.

Flood resilient design strategies – Different construction and design strategies to make buildings more flood resilient.
Other flood resilient building guides and techniques
A homeowners guide to rebuilding after a flood – Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s guide for residents to rebuilding homes, fixtures and buildings after a flood event.

A contractor’s guide to rebuilding after a flood – Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s guide for the building industry to rebuilding homes, fixtures and buildings after a flood event.

Flood Resilient Building Guidance for Queensland Homes – Queensland Reconstruction Authority’s guide for building flood resilient homes.

Storm Resilience Guide – While your floors are important for flood resilience, storm resilience is all about your roof. We’ve worked with NRMA Insurance to develop a handbook that can help residents understand how to make their home more resilient to severe storms.

More resources for business

The Sustainable Business Hub connects you with sustainable, cost-saving solutions to common business needs. We know that your bottom line is important, that’s why we regularly include resources and exclusive offers to reduce your costs without costing the planet. Together with local businesses like yours, we can contribute to a sustainable long-term future for Brisbane city.

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