Regional hotel boosts brand commitment with solar energy

An off-grid solar system with battery storage supports this ecotourism organisation’s mission, and bottom-line.


A silent, odourless solution for remote power generation in the ecotourism industry


Spicers Retreats is an ecotourism organisation with a focus on preserving the natural environment and connecting their guests with nature. In 2020, this ecotourism organisation installed a fully off-grid solar system at their Amphitheatre and Timber Getters Ecocamps sites in the Scenic Rim, 3 hours West of Brisbane.

Due to the remoteness of these sites, Spicers cannot access the main power grid, and need to generate their own power on-site.


When considering power generation at these two sites, they had two main options: a solar system to generate power from the sun, or a diesel generator to generate power from burning fuel.

For Spicer’s the decision to install a solar system was a no-brainer. Not only is solar a silent, odourless, emissions-free energy source, it is also a wise investment which can offer favourable pay back periods. By choosing to install a solar system instead of a diesel generator, Spicers are able to minimise the impact of their activity on the surrounding flora and fauna, and maintain the pristine environment that attracts guests to their ecocamps.

Solar power vs diesel power generation

Drawbacks of a diesel generator

  • noise of generator disturbs surrounding wildlife
  • noise and fumes don’t support eco-retreat experience
  • requires refueling

Benefits of a solar system

  • silent, odourless, and emissions free
  • aligns with their net zero emissions target
  • can deliver favourable ROI of 4 to 5 years

Spicers are embarking on a separate project to replace all their back up power diesel generators at their Scenic Rim Trail properties with green hydrogen generators in the next few years. To learn more about sustainable practices in the ecotourism industry, refer to the Spicers Retreats Sustainability Plan.

This solar system was a finalist in the 2020 Clean Energy Council Design & Installation awards >30-240 kW category.

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