Sustainable Action Training

Tailored sustainability training and education to help yourself, your organisation or your students learn why and how to drive positive change for a sustainable future.

Sustainability training for action

Brisbane Sustainability Agency is certified to deliver a flexible range of education experiences designed specifically to build science-based knowledge of sustainability. Knowledge is transformed into action with a practical, solutions-focused approach. Participants leave Sustainable Action Training with an understanding of climate science and how to create and participate in personal and professional solutions for a sustainable future. 

Multiple formats for tailored delivery

From one-off presentations to courses that offer internationally-recognised certification, we provide a range of unique and engaging learning formats with tailored content to suit our client’s needs.

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Climate Curious

1-hour ‘lunch and learn’ style presentations

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Climate Learner

3-hour ‘Climate Fresk’ card game workshops

Climate Leader

8-hour certified Carbon Literacy course

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Climate Changemaker

Bespoke engagement and training packages

Climate Curious Presentations

These 1-hour ‘lunch and learn’ style presentations are an entry-level offering that provides an introduction to climate science and explores household and workplace sustainable actions and solutions tailored to the specific audience. This program can be delivered in person and/or online. 

Why Climate Curious Presentations? 

This is a cost-effective, low-involvement way to introduce your team to the basics of climate science and provide practical actions designed to reduce individual emissions and environmental impact at home and work. 

Climate Learner Workshops

These unique and engaging 3-hour workshops guide participants through an innovative 42-card game ‘Climate Fresk’ that breaks down complex scientific concepts into accessible and fun learning. Collaboration is key as participants work together to build a map of the climate system and foster a deeper understanding of climate science. Once armed with scientific knowledge, certified trainers deliver content and facilitate open discussions around sustainable solutions and individual action-taking, tailored to the specific audience. While there is an online delivery option, Climate Learner Workshops are most effective when delivered in person. 

Why Climate Learner Workshops? 

For individuals, Climate Learner Workshops can help you connect with others while learning complex sustainability topics in a fun way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or technical. You’ll leave the workshop armed with the knowledge, tools and confidence to start making a positive impact in addressing climate challenges. 

For organisations, Climate Learner Workshops are a unique and engaging way to build sustainability knowledge and capability of your team members. It’s a team-building exercise that raises awareness and builds motivation to engage or lead sustainable initiatives at home and within the organisation. The workshops can act as an effective launch pad to engage with staff and expand your organisation’s sustainability journey.

Climate Leader Certified Training

Climate Leader Training offers participants and organisations internationally recognised Carbon Literacy© certification by completing an engaging and comprehensive 8-hour course. After completing an online module, in person training and a short assessment piece, participants will receive personal Carbon Literacy© certification. Organisations that offer training to their team can also apply for certification as a Carbon Literate Organisation©.  

Certified facilitators deliver the course through videos, collaborative games, presentations, activities and case studies that cover topics that are crucial for anyone looking to work or live more sustainably. Content includes the history, science, economics and injustice of climate-related challenges as well as systemic and individual solutions for a sustainable future. Upon receiving Carbon Literacy© certification, participants will be able to articulate their knowledge of sustainability and understand how they can take action, whether that be at home, school, work or in the community. 

Why Climate Leader Training? 

Whether it’s for a select group of decision-makers or the whole organisation, Carbon Literacy© certification is an effective way to demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to staff training and sustainability. Carbon Literacy© certification can help organisations engage staff, build capability, differentiate themselves in the market and help achieve sustainability and ESG goals. The training also helps to democratise sustainability knowledge and action throughout the entire organisation, by inviting participants to reflect on their own day-to-day work and optimise for sustainability. 

For individuals, Climate Leader Training offers a tangible certification that demonstrates your knowledge and adds to your resume as an affordable and accessible alternative to formal sustainability education.  

Climate Changemaker Packages

Brisbane Sustainability Agency understands that organisations may have specific needs and challenges regarding staff engagement for sustainability. As such, we deliver bespoke education and behaviour change initiatives that can support organisations to achieve unique goals. 

Why Climate Leader Training? 

Our team will work closely with your organisation to understand your unique circumstance and develop a customisable solution, designed to be scaled up or down, and suited to your needs. While the Sustainable Action Training program focuses on education and behaviour change, Brisbane Sustainability Agency can also utilise our expertise in infrastructural and systemic interventions, meaning this bespoke package can be as tailored and creative as required. 

Sustainability training session with instructor presenting to organisational staff about climate solutions.

Who is the training for?

Sustainable Action Training is flexible and tailored to specific audiences to ensure participants receive relevant and practical learning.  

For students

Climate Learner Workshops are the most ideal Sustainable Action Training learning format for high school students. These three-hour workshops encourage teamwork between students, with solutions tailored specifically to being at home with the family and at school. The curriculum-aligned content teaches students about climate and earth systems, the human impact on these systems and how individuals can take action through behaviours, purchases, design and influence. 

While University students will benefit from the shorter-time commitment of Climate Learner Workshops, the formal Carbon Literacy© certification that comes with Climate Leader Training improves employability as a resume-builder. The importance of sustainability is growing within all industries, so students from science and non-science disciplines alike will benefit by taking Climate Leader Training and demonstrating their carbon literacy above-and-beyond their chosen field of studies. Scientific content is based on peer-received academic journals, whereas systemic and individual solutions are tailored to the students’ context. 

For small businesses and community organisations

We understand that small businesses and community organisations often lack the time and resources to approach sustainability in a way that large organisations can. This is why the once-off, three-hour Climate Learner Workshops are an ideal introduction to sustainability, with a strong focus on practical actions and solutions for participants.  

For small businesses and community organisations interested in receiving internationally-recognised credentials, the eight-hour Climate Leader Training course offers this in the form of Carbon Literacy© certification. This can support your growth journey with certification that publicly demonstrates your commitment to sustainability leadership to attract talent, win business and include in grant applications.  

If you would like to learn more about how your organisation can reduce its operational costs through sustainability, you can also visit our Sustainable Business Hub. 

For organisations

Both the three-hour Climate Learner Workshops and the eight-hour Climate Leader Training are effective ways for large public or private organisations to train their staff and take sustainable action. However, the Carbon Literacy© certification included in Climate Leader Training provides organisations the opportunity to promote their leadership in sustainability, accomplish ESG goals and support staff with tangible credentials.

This can be delivered to a select group of decision-makers or the whole organisation. Our team can tailor content to include case studies and solutions that are relevant to your sector. 

The session hosted by the Brisbane Sustainability Agency was absolutely phenomenal. Having started the session feeling quite apathetic and overwhelmed by the climate crisis, our students then reported that by the end, they felt inspired, motivated, and empowered to make an impact by creating their own innovative solutions. This transformation in perspective was fostered by the care, detail and depth of the explanations provided by the facilitators during the session. Moreover, our students felt more determined than ever to work in careers that counteract the effects of climate change. 

Chrissie Erickson, Lead Programs Officer
National Youth Science Forum
Sustainability training session with instructor working with students over a table covered in cards and butchers paper that demonstrate the carbon cycle.

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