Green Heart Ranger Program

Developed to give children of all ages the opportunity to learn about sustainability and participate in protecting and enhancing Oxley Creek and its surrounding green open spaces by building their knowledge about its people, plants and animals.

Choose your own adventure

Get outdoors and experience all that Warril Parkland has to offer, from a nature-based playground and bike trails, to picnic facilities and a Discovery Trail where you can learn about the parkland’s history, animals and plants.

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Eco-activities and resources

Learn more about sustainability and nature with these hands-on craft activities and downloadable worksheets.

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Meet Gerald and Holly

Green Heart Rangers, Gerald and Holly, love getting outdoors and exploring while learning about how they can leave a lighter footprint on the planet as they go.

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Discover Warril Parkland

Warril Parkland, located on Paradise Road at Larapinta, contains 84 hectares of bushland. This bushland is part of the largest remaining continuous stretch of open eucalypt forest in South East Queensland, known as the Flinders-Karawatha Forest Corridor.

The forest and lakes of Warril Parkland are home to many land and water animals. In the past this land was also a place where First Nations (Aboriginal) People camped and hunted as they travelled between their homelands around Moreton Bay and tribal meeting places in the ranges and mountains to the west of Brisbane.

The Warril Parkland Discovery Trail is a park-based experience, created to encourage children to explore the various features of the parkland. The 11 stops along the Discovery Trail include activities and challenges for kids of all ages, assisting them to interpret their natural surroundings by learning about the parkland’s history, animals and plants.

Explore activities at the park

The Green Heart Ranger Program hosts a range of activities for children of all ages, including the Warril Parkland Discovery Trail which includes quizzes and challenges, to complete in the Parkland.

Kids pointing a to a sign on a tree

Explore the Discovery Trail

Set out on an adventure along the Warril Parkland Discovery Trail, to find the answers to the Green Heart Ranger quiz and earn your Green Heart Ranger Certificate.

Find all 11 stops on the trail, to learn about the people, animals and plants of Warril Parkland and complete the quiz questions and challenges at each stop.

You can complete the Green Heart Ranger quiz on a mobile device in the Parkland, or by printing the Quiz worksheet before your visit.

Find the Secret Symbols

Adventure along the Warril Parkland Discovery Trail to find the 11 ‘Secret Symbols’ of Warril Parkland.

Keep a look out for the raised symbols on each of the 11 Discovery Trail signs. When you find each one, place the ‘Oxley Creek Secret Symbols Shading’ worksheet’ over it and use a pencil to shade the symbol into the box with the same number. Use the hints on the worksheet to find the right symbol.

You will need to print your worksheet before you leave home and bring your own pencil to complete this activity.

Signage about wild animals attached to a tree
A girl using some sticks to build a bush cubby

Build a Bush Cubby

You can build your own Bush Cubby at stop 5 on the Warril Parkland Discovery Trail. Explore the park to collect natural materials such as sticks, bark and leaves that you can use to create your own bush cubby!

Once you finish building the cubby, take a photo and ask your parents to share your cubby design with us on social media by tagging #warrilparkland and #oxleycreek in your post.

We would love to see your creations!

Eco-activities and resources

Take your kids on the sustainability journey with these fun and simple eco-activities.

bird feeder

DIY bird feeder

An egg carton full of elements found in nature

Nature Quest

A crown made of sticks and flowers

Make a nature crown

Learning resources

Continue the fun at home or school with these colouring sheets, join the dots and word search activities for children of all ages.

Colouring Sheet – Echidna

Colouring Sheet – Nesting Box

Colouring Sheet – Tusked Frog

Colouring Sheet – White Bellied Sea Eagles

Join the dots

Word Search

Warril Parkland – The environment

Warril Parkland – The animals

Warril Parkland – First Nations People

Meet Gerald and Holly

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The Green Heart Ranger Program was developed by Brisbane Sustainability Agency as a part of the Oxley Creek Transformation project. This project is transforming the Oxley Creek corridor into a world class green, lifestyle and leisure destination.  


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