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Discover Oxley Creek by foot, or by bike, on one of the numerous walking and cycling tracks and trails. 

Where to explore

Get active and find nature along Oxley Creek’s various walking and cycling tracks and trails. Browse the map below to find your next adventure along Oxley Creek. For more detailed information on these routes, consult the information below this map. 

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Graceville Riverside Parklands

Get active on the riverside pathway that runs between Graceville Riverside Parklands and Faulkner Park, where the Brisbane River meets Oxley Creek. This easy walk is a 2.4 km round trip.

Oxley Creek Common

1. Pelican island walk

A light 3.5 km round trip from the trail head at Oxley Creek Common, ending at the Pelican Island lagoon to the south-east. 

2. Secret forest walk

A low-difficulty 4.6 km round trip starting at Oxley Creek Common and extending out along the creek to the Secret Forest. 

This image is a map of the Archerfield Wetlands Parkland, showing the route of the Wetlands Discovery Trail through the parkland, including the route of the Wetlands Lookout Trail, which is accessed from the Discovery Trail. 

The two entry points to the Discovery Trail are identified on the map as Trailheads. The northern Trailhead, at the top of the map, is accessed via Gleneagles Crescent Park, Oxley. The southern Trailhead, at the bottom of the map, is accessed via Bowhill Road, Durack. The map also identifies the location of three low points along the trail that are subject to flooding, as well as the location of a flood refuge area in the southeast corner of the parkland.

Archerfield Wetlands Parkland

1. Wetlands Discovery Trail

A low difficulty 2.9km (one way) walking or off-road cycling trail through Archerfield Wetlands Parkland. This trail takes visitors through the floodplain environment, past open grassland landscapes, Forest Red Gum bushland, over creeks and along the riparian edge of Oxley Creek.

2. Wetlands Lookout Trail

An easy, short walk (450m) accessed via the Wetlands Discovery Trail out along the edge of the wetlands, to a shady lookout point over an open water section of the wetlands. 

Warril Parkland

1. Sea Eagle Lake Trail

A low difficulty 1.6 km walk or off-road cycle (one way) out to the viewing area at the northern end of Sea Eagle Lake. 

2. Possum Forest Trail

An easy, short walk or off-road cycle (700 m) through bushland, starting at the playground area and ending in the car park. 

3. Possum Forest Trail (via creek)

A reasonably easy, short walk or off-road cycle (750 m) with two short steep sections. This trail takes visitors along the low, creekside flats of Oxley Creek, starting at the playground area and ending in the car park. 

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