Bowls club targets irrigation and refrigeration costs

Making simple changes, and smart investments for long-term savings.


Bulimba Memorial Bowls Club

Bulimba Bowls is taking steps towards significantly reducing energy and water use and costs with no-cost behaviour change, and smart investments like a real-time energy monitoring dashboard.


Bulimba Bowls Club spend thousands on water and energy costs. With a goal to halve their water bills, and significantly reduce their energy costs, the club has been exploring both simple solutions for their volunteers to implement immediately, and smart investments to ensure the club’s future.  


Quick wins

Install a wireless rain sensor 

A wireless rain switch and sensor will stop their sprinkler from activating in the rain when its not needed. It costs around $300.  

Fill half-stocked fridges fully

An on-site energy audit showed the club that refrigeration was contributing to a large portion of their bill. That means small changes here can have a big impact on their electricity bills. 

Adjust turf sprinkler heads

Some of the sprinkler heads on the club’s irrigation system were angled down towards the ground. This flooded the turf below the sprinkler head and starved the other grass of water. Adjusting these was a simple fix that will result in a better lawn, and efficient use of water.  

Smart investments

The club is also planning to implement several smart investments with the help of the Resilient Clubs Support Program, delivered by Brisbane Sustainability Agency in partnership with Brisbane City Council.

These include:

  • solar system
  • energy monitoring system
  • new water tank for rainwater harvesting
fridge efficiency

Funding the upgrades

Bulimba Memorial Bowls Club participated in the Resilient Clubs Support Program, an initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with Brisbane Sustainability Agency. The program is funded by Council and is provided as a free service to invited community organisations (clubs) who lease facilities from Council.

Clubs invited to the program are supported through identifying and implementing practical options to improve their water and energy management, which can help to reduce maintenance costs. Because clubs with sporting fields tend to be larger users of water, the program has a particular focus on supporting these clubs.

Resilient Clubs Support Program

Bulimba Memorial Bowls Club participated in the Resilient Clubs Support Program. Visit the Resilient Clubs Support Program page for more information.

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