Get the best value from your tariff

Demand-side management strategies for your business.


Take control of your energy bills with demand-side management strategies.

Reducing energy use is not always an option; however, managing how and when energy is used can go a long way towards negotiating a better energy contract and reducing your power bills.

Shift your load

Load shifting can be effective in lowering your bills if you have a solar system that is feeding excess power into the grid, and your business is on a Time of Use (TOU) tariff. By rescheduling activities to times when onsite energy generation is high, or prices paid to your electricity company are low, you’ll maximise the value of your solar system and pay less for the electricity your business consumes from the grid. One idea is keeping some extra pre-prepared materials on hand to enable equipment to be switched off when prices are high. For example, if you use a cardboard perforator to turn old cardboard into new packaging, like Perfect Potion, you could prepare a batch of these in advance, at a time when electricity prices are low. 

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Peak shaving

If your business is on a demand tariff, reducing energy use at peak times or peak shaving, can help reduce the extra demand chares paid by your business.

“Peak demand” refers to the point in time when energy usage is at its highest. This is typically the time of day when your business is most active.

You can reduce your peak demand with the three Ts to energy savings – Team, Timing, Technology, for example:

  • Staggering work hours/start times.
  • Operating heavy equipment and factory equipment outside of office hours, during the evening and early morning.
  • Switching things on at different times, not all at once. An easy way to achieve this is by adding timers to your equipment, air conditioning, lighting etc.
  • Using onsite energy generation systems, such as solar and batteries.

Reducing your usage at peak times through strategies such as these can allow you to get the best value out of your retail electricity tariff and stay within the limit of your contract’s usage cap, if you have one.


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Energy monitoring systems

New software is providing small and medium businesses with new ways to access their energy use data to drive their decision-making.

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