How to maintain your solar system to maximise efficiency


If you already have a solar system in place, you can maximise the value of your system through regular maintenance.

Here you can find some information about why it is beneficial to get your system serviced, and who can do this for you. 

Why is solar system maintenance necessary?

Just like any other electrical device, solar systems can develop faults over time. These faults could be dangerous, and stop your system from functioning at its best. What’s more, leaves from nearby trees, dust and other debris can accumulate on your solar panels and interfere with their ability to harness the sun’s energy. 

How do I know if my solar system is performing well?

Most solar systems include the ability to monitor their performance. Accredited suppliers should provide you with a demonstration of how to use this functionality when they install your system. If you already have a system in place, and don’t know how to monitor its performance, you can contact your installer, or another accredited solar installer or licensed electrician. 


Tip: Have you considered an energy monitoring system? These systems can give you access to real-time data such as total energy consumption, and solar system performance. By monitoring your energy use and taking steps to match your consumption to your solar system’s output, you can maximise the value of your onsite generation.

If you have made a significant infrastructure upgrade, or have a large (more than 10kWh) solar system, monitoring energy use and solar performance is recommended. Some options available to businesses include energy monitoring systems like Wattwachers or Phisaver, or a comprehensive procurement and reporting platform such as Boom Power. 

Who can service a solar system?

Solar system maintenance should be conducted by a licensed electrician, listed on the Clean Energy Council accredited installers list. Some maintenance may be covered under warranty.  


Tip: Always keep a copy of any documentation provided at the time of installation. Some maintenance may be covered in the installation or hardware warranty.

For more information about warranties, accredited installers, or issues with solar retailers please consult the Clean Energy Council website. 

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