Storm Check

Storm Check is a storm resilient homes trial in South-East Queensland, delivered by Brisbane Sustainability Agency in partnership with NRMA Insurance.

About the program

Brisbane Sustainability Agency and NRMA Insurance partnered together to trial Storm Check, with the aim to help people make their homes more storm resilient. Learn more about storm resilience here.  

During the Storm Check trial, resilience experts from Brisbane Sustainability Agency conducted assessments for a group of homeowners in South-East Queensland, to identify ways to help make their homes more resilient and understand what motivates homeowners to act on the recommendations of resilience experts. 

What is involved?  

Storm Check is an assessment carried out by resilience experts to help identify where your home is vulnerable to storm damage. The resilience experts will make maintenance and modifications recommendations to improve the resilience of your home. With storms becoming more severe and unpredictable, a Storm Check can help homeowners be better prepared for wild weather. 

Our experts provide guidance on how to achieve storm resilience for residential homes by providing: 

  • Maintenance advice 
  • Protection advice 
  • Resilience recommendations 

What are the benefits?  

  • Keep your family safe. Learn about storm risks, recommended building modifications and maintenance priorities so you can help keep a roof over your head and your family safe in severe storms.    
  • Save yourself the stress of organising repairs after a storm. Taking Storm Check recommended actions can help reduce the cost and inconvenience of clean up and repairs following a storm.  
  • Peace of mind. Get to really know your home and what you can do to help protect it from severe storms to be better prepared for wild weather. 

About storm resilience

Research shows us that future climate change will lead to more frequent and more damaging weather in Australia, including severe storms, hail, tropical cyclones and bushfires.  

There is a need to adapt to make homes more resilient, which can help protect homes and people and reduce the stress, inconvenience and unexpected costs of cleaning up after a storm.

Storm Check focuses on protecting the building envelope by making maintenance and modification recommendations that go beyond building code requirements for South-East Queensland.

Sustainable brisbane

Building a resilient city

A key outcome of Brisbane Sustainability Agency’s projects is focused on building a climate resilient city to enhance the long-term viability of our businesses, community and lifestyle.

What do we mean by severe weather and natural disasters? 

These terms refer to the range of weather events that have the potential to cause damage and affect the safety and wellbeing of people and communities, including bushfires, tropical cyclones and severe storms.  

The Storm Check program focuses on severe weather related to severe storms and tropical cyclones, including damaging and destructive winds, heavy rain, large hail, dangerous surf and tornadoes.  

Learn more

If you would like to find out more about Storm Check, please email Brisbane Sustainability Agency at

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