Three reasons to give a green waste recycling bin a whirl 

REduce waste

If you’ve never invested in a green waste recycling bin for your backyard, we have three good reasons why you should join almost 140,000 homes in Brisbane and give a green bin a whirl.  

1. It’ll cost you less than $1 a week

Brisbane City Council has more than halved the cost for the green waste recycling service from $93.68 per annum to $45 per annum, so it’ll now cost you less than $1 a week! 

2. It’ll reduce your household emissions

Approximately 26% of the average Brisbane household rubbish bin is garden waste, meaning tonnes of garden waste is sent to landfill each year.  
Many people assume that the green waste buried in the ground at landfill will break down quickly. However, due to the green waste being compacted and buried with little oxygen, the break down process is actually extremely slow and creates landfill gases.  
By keeping your green waste out of landfill, fewer emissions of methane and carbon dioxide are produced, limiting the amount of gases reaching the atmosphere and lowering your household’s annual carbon footprint. To find out your household’s annual carbon footprint and calculate how you can lower your carbon footprint, take part in Brisbane’s Carbon Challenge. 

3. It’ll help you get ready for storm season

Lawn clippings, palm fronds, prunings and leaves can all be placed in the green waste recycling bin, making preparation for storm season easier and quicker with the service’s fortnightly collection.   

Tips for using your green waste recycling bin 

  • Never bag green waste before placing it in the green waste recycling bin. 
  • Items should be no larger than 10 centimetres in diameter and 75 centimetres in length. 
  • Keep the bin closed at all times by cutting down long palm fronds and other oversized
    green waste items. 
  • Ensure the bin does not exceed 70 kg. Heavy bins are too difficult for the waste truck to lift. 
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