Resilient Clubs Support Program

Helping Brisbane clubs become more energy and water efficient to reduce operational costs, future-proofing them for the benefit of the Brisbane community.

Future-proofing Brisbane’s clubs

About the program

The Resilient Clubs Support Program is an initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with its sustainability agency, Brisbane Sustainability Agency.

The program is funded by Council and is provided as a free service to invited community organisations (clubs) who lease facilities from Council.

Helping clubs spend less on maintenance and more on players

Clubs invited to the program are supported through identifying and implementing practical options to improve their water and energy management, which can help to reduce maintenance costs. Because clubs with sporting fields tend to be larger users of water, the program has a particular focus on supporting these clubs.

The program will also provide a range of support to help clubs on this journey, including education, awareness, directly financing certain activities in the short-term and helping clubs connect with future grant opportunities. 

The program is being rolled out across two years, with a target to service all clubs with active playing surfaces during that time.

Program Benefits

Improving water and energy use can reduce costs to the club over the long-term (such as bills, maintenance, and repairs), as well as improving the value that clubs get from their water and energy spend. In addition to possible savings, there are other benefits such as an improved playing surface or less downtime for maintenance.

Eligibility for Program services is determined by Council and will include some of the following for participating clubs:

Find out more

If you have any questions about the program, or if you are a Brisbane club that leases a facility from Brisbane City Council and you wish to express your interest in taking part in the program, get in touch.