South Bank switches on first solar light

A powerful solar light has been installed on South Bank Promenade, with enough capacity to run for up to 4 nights without receiving charge from the sun.

The new energy-saving solar light was installed by Brisbane City Council’s City Parklands team and is powered by lithium batteries. The largely maintenance-free light automatically turns on at sunset and off at dawn.

With no electricity grid connection necessary, the light can act as an emergency light in the event of a power blackout. Cost wise, the feature-rich technology provides excellent value for money, with required expenditure not much more than a standard LED light fitting connected to the grid.

The light can also be set up in scan mode if required, so it dims when there is no people traffic and brightens when people are detected.

City Parklands will monitor the progress of the technology which, if deemed successful, will be installed in other areas of the Parklands that have sufficient exposure to sunlight. Any new energy-efficient lighting upgrades will deliver performance and light output equivalent to their predecessors.

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