Archerfield Wetlands provide an important habitat for a diverse range of bird species, some of which are uncommon within the wider-Brisbane area.

Archerfield Wetlands has a wide diversity of habitats: grassland, river, wetland and woodland.  Over 140 species of birds have been recorded in those habitats in the last few years. A collaborative ongoing bird monitoring project between the Brisbane Sustainability Agency, BirdLife Southern Queensland and Birds Queensland commenced in early July 2021 with the establishment of eight 2-hectare transects along the length of the Wetlands Discovery Trail.

Birds are particularly good as indicators of environmental health and the state of an environment. Ongoing bird surveys will provide important information as to any habitat and environmental changes that may affect bird numbers and diversity.

An experienced birdwatcher may find 60-70 species of bird in a 3-4 hour morning walk through Archerfield Wetlands.

Record your sightings for science!

You can become a citizen scientist by recording your own bird sightings as your walk along the Wetlands Discovery Trail.  Your observations will contribute to scientific research and help gain an understanding of the abundance and diversity of bird species within Archerfield Wetlands over time.

To record your sightings online visit Ebird or Birddata.

Birds surveyed at Archerfield Wetlands to date

Below is a list of the bird species surveyed to date* within Archerfield Wetlands. Further information relating to these species can be found in the links below.

This eBird graph shows a visual representation of the variation in sighting frequency of birds at Archerfield Wetlands through the seasons.

*Note: survey last conducted March 2022

 Common nameSpecies name and link to further information
1Australasian darterAnhinga novaehollandiae
2Australasian figbirdSphecotheres vieilloti
3Australasian swamphenPorphyrio melanotus
4Australian brushturkeyAlectura lathami
5Australian golden whistlerPachycephala pectoralis
6Australian hobbyFalco longipennis
7Australian magpieGymnorhina tibicen
8Australian reed warblerAcrocephalus australis
9Australian white ibisThreskiornis molucca
10Bar-shouldered doveGeopelia humeralis
11Black kiteMilvus migrans
12Black-faced cuckoo-shrikeCoracina novaehollandiae
13Black-fronted dotterelElseyornis melanops
14Black-shouldered kiteElanus axillaris
15Blue-faced honeyeaterEntomyzon cyanotis
16Brown goshawkAccipiter fasciatus
17Brown honeyeaterLichmera indistincta
18Brown quailCoturnix ypsilophora
19Brush cuckooCacomantis variolosus
20Buff-banded railGallirallus philippensis
21Channel-billed cuckooScythrops novaehollandiae
22Chestnut-breasted nannikinLonchura castaneothorax
23Collared sparrowhawkAccipiter cirrocephalus
24Comb-crested jacanaIrediparra gallinacea
25Common mynaAcridotheres tristis
26Common starlingSturnus vulgaris
27Crested pigeonOcyphaps lophotes
28Double-barred finchTaeniopygia bichenovii
29Dusky moorhenGallinula tenebrosa
30Eastern cattle egretBubulcus coromandus
31Eastern whipbirdPsophodes olivaceus
32Eastern yellow robinEopsaltria australis
33Fairy martinPetrochelidon ariel
34Fan-tailed cuckooCacomantis flabelliformis
35GalahEolophus roseicapilla
36Golden-headed cisticolaCisticola exilis
37Great egretArdea alba
38Grey butcherbirdCracticus torquatus
39Grey fantailRhipidura albiscapa
40Grey shrike-thrushColluricincla harmonica
41Grey tealAnas gracilis
42Horsfield’s bronze cuckooChrysococcyx basalis
43Intermediate egretArdea intermedia
44Laughing kookaburraDacelo novaeguineae
45Leaden flycatcherMyiagra rubecula
46Lewin’s honeyeaterMeliphaga lewinii
47Little black cormorantPhalacrocorax sulcirostris
48Little corellaCacatua sanguinea
49Little friarbirdPhilemon citreogularis
50Little lorikeetParvipsitta pusilla
51Little pied cormorantMicrocarbo melanoleucos
52Long-billed CorellaCacatua tenuirostris
53Magpie-larkGrallina cyanoleuca
54Maned duckChenonetta jubata
55Mangrove gerygoneGerygone levigaster
56Masked lapwing*Vanellus miles
57MistletoebirdDicaeum hirundinaceum
58Noisy friarbirdPhilemon corniculatus
59Noisy minerManorina melanocephala
60Olive-backed orioleOriolus sagittatus
61Oriental dollarbirdEurystomus orientalis
62Pacific bazaAviceda subcristata
63Pacific black duckAnas superciliosa
64Pale-vented bush-henAmaurornis moluccana
65Pheasant coucalCentropus phasianinus
66Pied butcherbirdCracticus nigrogularis
67Pied currawongStrepera graculina
68Rainbow bee-eaterMerops ornatus
69Rainbow lorikeetTrichoglossus moluccanus
70Red-backed fairy-wrenMalurus melanocephalus
71Red-browed finchNeochmia temporalis
72Rock doveColumba livia
73Rose robinPetroica rosea
74Rufous fantailRhipidura rufifrons
75Rufous whistlerPachycephala rufiventris
76Sacred kingfisherTodiramphus sanctus
77Scaly-breasted lorikeetTrichoglossus chlorolepidotus
78Scarlet myzomelaMyzomela sanguinolenta
79Shining bronze cuckooChrysococcyx lucidus
80SilvereyeZosterops lateralis
81Spangled drongoDicrurus bracteatus
82Straw-necked ibisThreskiornis spinicollis
83Striated pardalotePardalotus striatus
84Sulphur-crested cockatooCacatua galerita
85Superb fairy-wrenMalurus cyaneus
86Tawny grassbirdCincloramphus timoriensis
87Torresian crowCorvus orru
88Tree martinPetrochelidon nigricans
89Variegated fairy-wrenMalurus lamberti
90Welcome swallowHirundo neoxena
91Whistling kiteHaliastur sphenurus
92White-bellied sea eagleHaliaeetus leucogaster
93White-browed scrubwrenSericornis frontalis
94White-faced heronEgretta novaehollandiae
95White-throated gerygoneGerygone olivacea
96White-throated honeyeaterMelithreptus albogularis
97Willie wagtailRhipidura leucophrys
98Yellow-faced honeyeaterCaligavis chrysops

The Oxley Ham and Bacon Factory

Between 1894 and 1994, a meat processing factory operated in the north-western area of the Archerfield Wetlands Parklands. If you are interested in learning more, the Oxley-Chelmer History Group have published a book on the history of the Oxley Ham and Bacon Factory.

Click here for further information.

Local community groups

The following historical and environmental organisations are active in the local area. For further information, including volunteering opportunities and future events, visit:

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