Sustainable Business Hub launches to help small businesses make big savings

Brisbane Sustainability Agency have launched an online platform to help businesses reduce their operational costs from energy, water and waste.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner urged Brisbane business owners to take advantage of the Sustainable Business Hub, saying the platform would help them cut costs and operate more sustainably.

“We’re committed to ensuring Brisbane remains the most small business-friendly city in Australia, and the development of the Sustainable Business Hub is one of the many initiatives we’ve funded to help local businesses grow and succeed,” Cr Schrinner said.

“Energy, water and waste can be significant imposts so helping owners reduce these costs also helps them continue to operate.

“Many consumers are also looking for businesses that operate more sustainably so using the Hub can also help owners build their operation.”

Over-the-shoulder shot of office workers viewing Sustainable Business Hub website
The Sustainable Business Hub has useful tips, case studies, tools and offers designed to help Brisbane small businesses from a wide range of industries such as retail, hospitality, tourism, manufacturing and business services.

Cr Schrinner said the Hub was another way Council was backing Brisbane small businesses.

“Small business supports thousands of families and give our suburbs their unique character, which is why supporting small businesses is central to Brisbane’s Economic Recovery Plan,” he said. 

“The Sustainable Business Hub responds to feedback received from the Brisbane business community seeking Council support to reduce their business costs.”

The Sustainable Business Hub provides business owners with information, case studies, tools, special product offers and recommendations to help reduce their operating costs, while also reducing their environmental footprint.

Through the energy calculator tool, businesses can gain a greater understanding of their energy consumption relevant to their industry to help businesses learn how to make smart investments and small changes that can lead to big savings.

Cafe worker disposing of food waste into industrial composter.
Veneziano Coffee Roasters in West End have an industrial composting machine to process all their food waste on site. With the waste levy increasing, investing in ways to minimise waste going to landfills is an effective way for businesses to reduce costs and lower their environmental impact.

“Doing business more sustainably was once thought of as too costly, but there are many ways small businesses can lower their environmental impact to help make Brisbane a green, clean, sustainable city, while also growing businesses bottom line and driving the economy forward,” Cr Schrinner said.

“For example, a small change with a big impact is switching over to LED light bulbs that can last up to ten times longer than incandescent bulbs, and cost 80 per cent less to run. Through a small step like this, businesses can save up to 30 per cent off their electricity bill depending on the nature of the business and type of lighting used, as well as save money on their replacement costs.”

Male hand switching off appliance at the wall.
Switching to LED lights as well as turning lights and appliances off at the wall when not in use is an easy way for businesses to lower their electricity bills.

The Sustainable Business Hub provides many low-cost solutions and behavioural change tips that businesses can implement to maximise profits and minimise their environmental footprint.

“Whether it be switching to GreenPower, investing in solar power or small-scale behavioural changes such as switching off lights and computers overnight and encouraging double-sided printing at your workplace, every bit counts, and I encourage businesses to visit the Sustainable Business Hub for solutions to reduce their costs through doing business more sustainably,” Cr Schrinner said.

To find out more about savings that are good for business and the planet visit the Sustainable Business Hub.

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