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Read below for useful resources and information for participants of the Resilient Clubs Support Program

We recommend that you read our flood recovery and resilience resources. This has tailored information on how sporting clubs can get financial assistance, recovery support, clean up advice and information to build back better following the recent extreme weather event.

Webinars and coaching

Building a Flood Resilient Organisation

May 2022

BSA spoke to flood resilient experts from JDA Co. and Evolved Construction. Clubs and other Council-leased facilities learned practical tips to build back better following flooding, which was followed by a Q&A session. Topics included:

  • Understanding your flood risk and where to start.
  • Different flood resilient design strategies.
  • Examples of flood resilient construction techniques and materials.

For more information, clubs should visit the flood recovery and resilience resources page.

Q&A: Recovering your turf after the floods

March 2022

For this webinar, we are joined by turf and irrigation experts to answer all your questions about how to recover your turf after flooding and keep it healthy in the long term. This webinar covers questions around:

  • How to treat turf after flooding.
  • Ensuring proper on-field drainage.
  • Insect, pest and weed control.
  • Oil and chemical soil pollution.

‘Knowing your energy’ PhiSaver demonstration

September 2021

For this webinar, we are joined by Brett from PhiSaver monitoring systems to demonstrate how clubs can understand their PhiSaver interface and get the most out of their systems. This webinar covers questions around:

  • Why monitor energy?
  • Relating power, energy and dollars.
  • Understanding the main dashboard.
  • Finding money-saving opportunities.
  • Viewing individual circuits.
  • Acting on results.

Writing a successful grant application

August 2021

This webinar will give you a better understanding of how your club can become ‘grant ready’ and develop your skillset in writing a successful application.

The webinar was hosted by Kerri Eckart, CEO of Focused Marketing. You will learn how to:

  • Interpret what is required in an application.
  • Structure a winning document.
  • Know what to avoid and what must be included.

Grants and financial assistance

Brisbane City Council pages with grant opportunities:

For a full summary of Council grant programs please click here.

Lord Mayor’s Better Suburbs Grant – Provides funding ranging from $10,000 to $200,000 to improve, develop and maintain Community Facilities.

Cultivating Community Gardens Grants – Want to encourage more visitors and compost food waste at your club? create a community garden at your club? Apply now for this grant of up to $2,500 for Council-leased facilities to build a community garden.

Queensland Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund – Allocates funding to not-for-profit community groups to enhance their capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.

Sport and Recreation Recovery Grant – a joint Australian Government and Queensland Government funding initiative for sporting and recreation organisations with funding to clean up, repair or replace equipment or facilities damaged as a direct result of the February 2022 flooding event.

Queensland Government funding programs – a live webpage with updates on available Queensland Government funding and grant programs for sporting and recreation clubs.

Funding Centre – Subscribe to a grant information service featuring information on grants, fundraising and attracting donations.

Contact your local and state members – Contact representative Government members may be able to help regarding discretionary funding and upcoming grants.

Resources from our suppliers

The material and information below are provided by our suppliers for general information and guidance purposes only. The advice and information provided are the author’s own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Brisbane Sustainability Agency and/or Brisbane City Council.

Getting the best from your irrigation system – A good understanding and correct management of your irrigation system is essential to both reducing watering costs and optimising turf performance. Provided by LaboSport.

Planning for renovation of your sports field – Address any damage done during the season and/or any potential issues that may affect future performance. Provided by LaboSport.

Rain Bird Global Service Plan – A subscription-based 24/7 help service, paid for by Brisbane City Council and free for Clubs to access. If you need help with your Rain Bird controller, ring 07 3518 1900 to talk to a Rain Bird engineer.

Resources for waste management

While the focus of the Program is on reducing energy and water consumption, Clubs are also encouraged to improve their waste management. Correctly managing and minimising waste can often help save staff and volunteer time, lower greenhouse gas emissions and in some cases, reduce costs or even increase revenue through recycling. Read below for Brisbane City Council resources that can help Sporting Clubs manage waste.

Where to repair your stuff in Brisbane – View our webpage on the different repair cafes in Brisbane, where you can take broken equipment and items to be repaired for free. Saving your club money in replacement costs and lowering your environmental impact.

Clean and green Brisbane – Get local information on what bins are available for your Club, Brisbane’s resource and recovery centres, useful articles about waste management, plus, much more.

Free recycling resources for businesses, schools and community groups – A variety of resources developed for community organisations like Sporting Clubs, that can help staff, volunteers and visitors correctly manage waste. This includes action plans and directive posters and signs.

Game On Recycling – Partner with this Australian program and become a collection point for unused sporting equipment (such as tennis balls, basketballs, and snowsports equipment). Then this equipment will be picked up and taken to a sorting facility in Melbourne where equipment will either be put back into circulation for reuse or broken down into particles and recycled.


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