Save water outdoors


Maintenance of gardens and outdoors spaces can get expensive when regular water use is involved.

Whether you rely on a tip-top green, or like having an appealing green space for customers and staff, these are our top tips to keep your water bill in check. 

Mow your turf regularly

If you have turf, frequent mowing will prevent it from dying underneath. Once the lower-level lawn is dead, your lawn will look brown after it gets mown and will need large amounts of water and care to recover. Avoid extra maintenance time and excess water use with a frequent mowing routine. 

Adjust your sprinkler heads

Do you have an irrigation system? There are a number of ways to optimise water use of your irrigation system, that starts with knowing the ideal amount of water to use to avoid overwatering. One of these, is adjusting the position of your sprinkler heads. Make sure your sprinkler heads are at the right angle. If your sprinkler heads are faced towards the ground, water will pool at the base of your sprinkler head, and it won’t reach other areas of lawn. You’ll probably put the sprinkler on a few more times a week to try and improve patchy lawn that results from this. However, the situation will remain the same until the water is heading where it needs to go.

Sweep paths and drives instead of hosing them down

When we are used to site cleaning that requires scrubbing and dedicated cleaning products, it’s easy to get into the habit of hosing everything down. However, there are many spaces that can be swept rather than hosed. Get yourself a wide industrial broom to make it a quick and easy task!

Choose plants that are suited to Brisbane conditions

To reduce watering costs, and enjoy an appealing low-maintenance green space, choose plants known to survive in our local climate, such as succulents and natives. If you are interested in establishing a garden that supports our local ecosystem, and will save you money, you can learn more in the Brisbane City Council Green Gardening Guide. 

Reuse water where possible 

To reduce the consumption of potable water for non-potable purposes, you can install a water tank or think about using grey water. Learn more about grey water in Brisbane.

Irrigation contributor: Labosport

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