Toilet talk: reduce water and bills


There are many ways to reduce the amount of water used by your toilet. Here’s our top picks.

Behavior change

Use the half-flush button when appropriate. 
Half flush bathroom water efficiency for business

Maintenance and upgrades

Upgrade to a water efficient toilet

Replacing a 12L single flush toilet with a 4.5/2.2L WELS 6 star toilet in a household of four people could save more than 60,000L of water a year. 

Maintenance and upgrades

Adjust the flush volume

If you have a single flush toilet, engage a plumber to adjust the flush volume. Alternatively, you can try a DIY measure.

Adjust the flush volume yourself by inserting a water displacement device (purchased or a recycled plastic bottle filled with water) into the cistern, making sure it doesn’t obstruct the mechanism. 

Tip: Don’t use bricks as they can crumble and stop the system working properly. 

adjust flush water efficiency

Maintenance and upgrades

Fix leaking toilets immediately

A slow, barely visible leak can waste more than 4,000L a year. Visible, constant leaks can waste more than 96,000L. That could add up to $289 per year per toilet in wasted water.

Check for leaks by placing a couple of drops of food colouring or dye into the cistern. If colour appears in the bowl within 15 minutes without flushing, then a leak exists and the system should be repaired. 

Source: Urban Utilities 

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