Resilient Clubs Support Program connects 50 sporting clubs to renewable energy

Bulimba Bulls Hockey Club recently installed a fully funded solar-PV system, which will power their energy-intensive irrigation, refrigeration and internal lighting with renewable energy. This marks the 50th club building to have a solar system installed thanks to Brisbane City Council’s Resilient Clubs Support Program.

‘50 clubs with solar power is a significant milestone for the Resilient Clubs Support Program,’ says Lord Mayor Adrian Scrhinner.

‘This initiative of my Council helps sporting clubs cope with rising energy and water prices through adopting sustainable and efficient operational practices. In fact, these 50 solar systems are saving our local community clubs over $250,000 a year on electricity costs alone – creating savings that can go straight back into the pockets of sporting and community clubs to invest in what matters – their players, volunteers and the community,’ says Cr Schrinner.

‘This program is a triumph for local communities and the environment, saving an estimated 1,220 tonnes of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere annually. This is equivalent to taking 388 cars off the road, every year,’ says Cr Schrinner.

Bulimba Bulls Hockey Club, located in Morningside, had 18 solar panels installed last Friday, thanks to the Resilient Clubs Support Program.

The Resilient Clubs Support Program is an initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with Brisbane Sustainability Agency. The program connects sporting and community clubs with experts in energy, water, irrigation and turf management to identify and implement efficiency measures that can significantly reduce the overhead costs of operating sporting clubs.

‘Most of Brisbane’s sporting and community clubs are run by passionate volunteers dedicated to serving their local communities. The Resilient Clubs Support Program helps these local heroes with a range of support items that are suited to the club, including coaching, action plans, solar systems, efficient irrigation systems, plumbing or lighting upgrades, to name a few,’ says Cr Schrinner.

Bulimba Bulls Secretary, Linda Francis, is looking forward to seeing the club’s energy bills go down over the summer, thanks to their new reliance on renewable energy.

For Linda Francis, Secretary of Bulimba Hockey Club, the solar system is just one of many ways the club benefits from the program.

‘We have had energy-saving devices installed within the clubhouse, self-timing lights in amenities, changing internal clubhouse lights to LED, solar panels installed and online webinars which have been useful with handy hints and grant opportunities,’ notes Linda.

The program has worked with over 180 clubs so far and has its sights set on many more, with Brisbane City Council committing to deliver the program to June 2024.

For more information on the Resilient Clubs Support Program, visit Brisbane Sustainability Agency’s website at

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