Money-saving powerhacks: lighting edition


What’s a powerhack, you ask? Think of it as a life hack that helps you save on your power bills. With energy prices at a high, these powerhacks can help you reduce your energy and save money.  

Welcome back to our third powerhacks edition. Last time we looked at how to bring down your bill over summer. In this edition, we explore powerhacks to help you reduce your home lighting costs.  

Switch off  

When you are not in a room, flick the lights off. Leaving the lights on for long periods can double your lighting-related bill. It’s a myth that turning the lights on and off uses more energy.  

Bright spark

What’s the best way to remember to switch all the lights off before you leave the house? Make a mental checklist: Phone, wallet, keys, lights… GO!   

Let the sunshine in

Open those blinds and let the sunshine in! Lighting makes up about 8% of your energy bill. We live in the Sunshine State, so why not make the most of the sun – it’s 100% free! 

Light bulb moment 

Need to replace a light bulb? Replace old style light bulbs with light emitting diodes (LEDs), which are cheaper to run. When you are picking out your energy-efficient globes, go for the lowest wattage bulbs you can find. They may be a little more expensive up-front, however using less watts saves you money in the long term.  

Get smart 

It’s a smart habit to turn off your lights when you’re not using them. Even smarter is to use smart lightbulbs that can be controlled remotely or through voice commands. You can even apply geofencing to automatically turn off the lights when you leave the room. Now that’s smart!  

Lamp love

If you have a room full of lights, try using smaller lamps instead of lighting up the whole room. Lighting a smaller space compared to an entire room can reduce your energy consumption. Placing your lamp in a corner will help reflect the light off the walls for an enhanced effect. 

Goodnight lights 

Trouble getting the kids off to bed? Switch a small lamp or night light on in the kid’s bedrooms, then start turning all the other lights off in the house. Like moths to a flame, they’ll be snug as bugs in the bed in no time. 

Lights on but no one’s home 

Every house has an energy phantom who always forgets to turn off the lights! Get everyone on board. Turning off the lights is the easiest thing you can do to save money around the house.   

Hungry, hungry halogens

Halogen downlights are sneaky juice-chewers as they use a lot of heat. When it comes to lights, heat = energy use. To avoid these energy hungry lights running up your bill, replacing them with LED downlights instead. 

That’s it for our lighting powerhack edition – let us know on our socials what hacks you’d like to try or even share one of your own powerhacks that has helped you lower your energy bill.  

It’s easy to mistake computer screensavers as energy savers. However, when your screensaver is on, so too is your screen, which means you’re still using energy. Close your laptop or switch your monitor off completely when not in use to save energy.  

That’s it for our summer powerhack edition – let us know on our socials what hacks you’d like to try or even share one of your own powerhacks that has helped keep you cool while lowering your energy bill.  

What’s your household energy footprint??

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The author

Cherie Pasion

Cherie worked at Brisbane Sustainability Agency, and is a self-confessed energy nerd committed to a slow-living lifestyle.

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