The waste-fighting Christmas gift to help your staff save on bills

Thinking about what to get your team for a Christmas thank you? The Fridge Friend is the perfect, thoughtful and eco-friendly gift.

What is the Fridge Friend?

Did you know the average Australian household wastes $2,200 to $3,800 every year by wasting food? The Fridge Friend™ is a device designed to reduce food waste by making your fruit & veg last longer than ever before!

Once in the fridge, the filter absorbs contaminated air, particles and excess humidity through a 100% natural mineral compound. This helps you protect the planet & your grocery budget! For owners, Fridge Friends will:

  • Increase the shelf-life of your fresh produce by up to 169%
  • Save you money
  • Cut down food wastage
  • Reduce trips to the supermarket
  • No refills required
  • Reduce odours and bacteria
  • 100% natural & non-toxic mineral compound. 
Fridge friend filter inside fridge

Why is the Fridge Friend a great corporate gift for your staff?

Gifting Fridge Friends as corporate Christmas gifts to your staff and clients has many benefits:

  • Adds to your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes.
  • Makes a sustainability statement and demonstrates your company’s commitment to addressing climate change through actions, not simply words.
  • Raises awareness of the issue of food waste during the festive period.
  • Helps your staff reduce food waste at the source, the home fridge. It’s a small change that can lead to a significant reduction in your staff’s environmental footprint.
  • Helps your staff through the cost-of-living crisis by saving them money. Extending the life of fresh produce by up to 169% puts extra dollars back in their pockets.
  • Allows you to personalise your Fridge Friend gifts with your company’s branding or a special message to make it a unique and memorable present for your staff.
Fridge Friend filter in fridge space

Take advantage of our exclusive offer for Sustainable Business Hub visitors

The Sustainable Business Hub has partnered with Fridge Friend to offer an exclusive deal to any visitors wanting to purchase a Fridge Friend. When you buy items in bulk for your staff, Fridge Friend are offering special Christmas discounts on wholesale orders, depending on the number of products you would like to order.

Anyone who is interested can reach out to Alex Furey our Head of Partnerships, either by email or phone to discuss their corporate gifting plans for their organisation.

To discuss the best options for your business, feel free to reach out to Alex at or phone 0423 704 577.

Who owns Fridge Friend?

Founded and operated by father-son duo, Jon and Nic, the Zero Waste Project was founded on a genuine passion for finding sustainable, affordable and effective solutions to food waste.

Studies have shown that this massive food waste problem is a result of lacking preservation methods. To counter this challenge, they launched the Fridge Friend, a revolutionary food waste and preservation solution.


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