5 sneaky leaks that could be costing you

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A little drip might not seem like a big problem, but you could be pouring money down the drain with leaks around your home. The team at Urban Utilities have rounded up the top five spots that are notorious for wasting water. 

A leaking tap is one of the most common culprits and believe it or not it can waste up to 20,000 litres each year if left undetected! The best way to check if any taps are dripping is to look for water seeping out of the handles or connection points or check for water stains in your sinks or basins. Most of the time dripping taps will just need a replacement washer, which is a quick fix for your plumber and could save you bucket loads.

leaking tap


Is there anything more annoying than the sound of a trickling toilet? It’s usually the best motivation for getting it fixed aside from the fact that leaky loos can waste up to 22 litres per minute, adding thousands of dollars to a quarterly bill. Sometimes slower leaks can be silent, so if you notice a major spike on your bill the team at Urban Utilities have a simple hack for checking for leaks…

Leaking toilet with cistern lid off

Pop a few drops of food dye in the cistern. If you can see the colour seeping into the toilet bowl even though you haven’t flushed, call a plumber ASAP.

TOP TIP: Sometimes the leaks are caused by a stuck flush button so if you notice the buttons are not popping back up, get a plumber to check them. And our top toilet tip is to check your toilet buttons before leaving on holiday!

Shower leaks can be the sneakiest of them all because they often start in your internal pipes. Look for bubbling, cracked or peeling paint on the walls around your shower or cracks in the tiles. Shower heads are also notorious for being leaky so make sure you listen out for dripping when your shower is turned off or look for water stains on the floor.

A leaking shower head

Appliance hoses

Appliances with a water supply such as washing machines, dishwashers and even refrigerators are another one to watch for leaks. It might start with a slow leak or be hidden behind the appliance, so check for water stains or pooling under and around your appliances. If you see any water, check if the hose is cracked, frayed, bulging or wet.

A person mopping up leaks near a washing machine

Backyard pipes

One of the quickest ways to check if you have a leak in your backyard pipes is to watch your water meter and see if the dial moves even when you aren’t using any water. Backyard pipe leaks are often concealed underground, so also look for suspicious damp or green patches on your lawn or cracking in paved areas.

Look for leaks in your backyard

Get help

If a leak has led to a larger-than expected bill, and you need extra time to pay, you can request a payment extension or arrangement at

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