The Flood Resilient Homes Program celebrates a milestone

In December, we celebrated the 100th Brisbane property to be resilient to overland flow flooding as part of the Flood Resilient Homes Program.

The Flood Resilient Homes Program, an initiative of Brisbane City Council delivered in partnership with Brisbane Sustainability Agency, has celebrated the 100th Brisbane property to be resilient to overland flow flooding.

One hundred Brisbane homeowners are now facing the current storm season with less stress and anxiety thanks to the works done to their properties.

The initiative came out of a need to help residents recover from the impacts of flooding without additional infrastructure such as drains, which are not necessarily an appropriate solution in all situations.

The Program is currently being noticed by other organisations around Australia as the new standard for dealing with overland flow flooding.

The Program is also relieving the anxiety for many of its residents that face regular overland flow flooding.

The home to receive the 100th works is owned by Leigh, a Paddington resident who has regularly experienced the devastating effects of flooding.

Her home’s works included a flood-resilient kitchen, wall linings and bathroom, which will make it easier to recover from flooding events.

Brisbane Sustainability Agency’s Senior Manager Program Delivery, Jane Holden, said that the Program is making a real difference to residents impacted by overland flow flooding.

“Brisbane City Council is a leader in flood resilience with this program,” she said.

“In partnership with Council, we have been able to collaborate with local architects and builders to develop a program that directly and immediately increases residents’ resilience.

“The Program has a 94% satisfaction rate with residents, with many grateful as they would not be able to do the works themselves.”

Residents are not just overly positive with the Program itself, but 94% of residents are also satisfied with the quality of works. The flood-resilient material used is similar, and often more appealing, from less resilient materials, allowing residents to enjoy their homes outside of flooding events.

What is the Flood Resilient Homes Program?

The Flood Resilient Homes Program is an initiative of Brisbane City Council, delivered in partnership with Brisbane Sustainability Agency.

Flood resilience is the ability to prepare for, live through and then return to normal household routines following a flood with the least amount of disruption.

The Program offers invited property owners a free Home Service assessment, which assesses the property’s existing resilience and provides a list of recommended building or design works to increase flood resilience.

If any building or design recommendations are made, financial assistance may be provided via an incentive scheme.

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