Cheers to wine and spirit bottles joining the range of Containers for Change 

Queensland is now the first state in Australia to accept glass wine and spirit bottles for 10-cent refunds as part of the Containers for Change container refund scheme.  

Containers for Change offers a range of convenient ways for recyclers to cash in their empty beverage containers, and with wine and pure spirit bottles (150ml up to 3L) now eligible for refunds, Queenslanders have enthusiastically embraced the expansion.   

Glass return volumes in Greater Brisbane have seen an increase of 11% in the first week of November following the expansion of the scheme, based on the same week last year. 

More containers eligible for refunds means more opportunities for Brisbane residents and the wider state to make change for themselves, the environment and local community.    

Making it easier

With the convenience of over 360 refund points across Queensland and the chance to make a positive impact on the environment, there’s never been a better reason to become a change maker. Whether you prefer to return your containers via a depot, bag drop, home collection, mobile pop-up or reverse vending machine, there’s a return option and location for you.  

Simply sign up for a member number to fast-track refunds direct into your bank account or donate your refund to your favourite cause. Register for a member number here. 

You can also use the Containers for Change app to see how you’re tracking and find the nearest refund point with just a few taps, making container recycling a simple addition to your usual routine. The app also has an eligiblity scanner, fun recycling games and more – it’s available on Google Play or in the App Store.  

When life gets too busy, the free home collection service Container Collect comes direct to you. Most Brisbane suburbs are serviced by Container Collect which allows customers to cash in empties (with a minimum 100 eligible containers) from the comfort of your home. Check if your suburb is serviced or book a collection here. 

With glass wine and spirit bottles now in the mix, you’ll likely be returning more glass than usual. Plan ahead and opt for sturdy bags or boxes and remember to remove all lids before dropping off those empties. 

To read more on how to get prepared, our handy guide is found here. 

Make change not just in your pocket

Communities have embraced Containers for Change at work, at school and at home to help clean up their local environment and cash in for themselves or a cause close to their hearts. 

By simply collecting containers as a fundraising tool, more than $11 million has been paid to charities and community groups across Queensland.   

You can also incorporate container collection into community events to make them cleaner and greener. To learn more about how you can get involved, visit here. 

Positive social and environmental impact

Since launching in November 2018, Queensland’s container refund scheme has made significant progress in litter reduction and advancing Queensland’s circular economy through increased participation in recycling. 

Thanks to the efforts of Queenslanders 64% of drink containers are currently recovered and recycled from material recovery facilities and kerbside collection services to be repurposed into new drink containers, road base, bicycles and prosthetics.  

None of this would be possible without the support and advocacy of local communities who have embraced the scheme and are directly reducing litter and increasing recycling while creating lasting environmental, social and economic impacts reaching far and wide. 

Our impact

7.2 billion

More than 7.2 billion containers have been returned for recycling through our container refund point network. 

720 million

More than $720 million in 10-cent refunds has been paid to Queenslanders.

11 million

More than $11 million in refunds has been paid to charities and community groups. 

1.5 billion

More than 1.5 billion containers have been recovered from other recycling streams, including local council kerbside services.

935 jobs

More than 935 jobs created across Queensland, many in regional areas, 

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