Energy savvy families

Brisbane Sustainability Agency worked with the Queensland Government to deliver the Energy Savvy Families program to targeted areas of regional Queensland. Vulnerable and regional households were a key focus for the program as these are often the most impacted by energy costs.

What is it?

Energy Savvy Families helps householders overcome the traditionally low motivation to change routines that will result in lower electricity bills.

This first-of-kind program combined educational materials, smart meters installations, Brisbane Sustainability Agency’s Reduce Your Juice program and contact with local community ‘champions’. The goal was to increase householder energy literacy, drive behaviour change, and reduce household energy use and cost.

The program was deployed over a 24-month period, targeting 4,000 regional households.


  • Average savings of $165 over 6 months and $119 over 12 months
  • Total energy savings was equivalent to 1,252 tonnes of carbon dioxide
  • 84% of participants who took part in the post-program survey would recommend the program to others
  • Helped 4000 regional households
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