Virtual Green Heart Fair: Eco Kids

Eco Kids Activities

Egg carton nature quest

Flower crown fun

Beeswax wraps

Egg carton animals

Turn your old egg cartons into adorable animals!

Build your own Billycart

Become an Oxley Creek Junior Ranger

The Oxley Creek Junior Ranger Program has been developed to give children the opportunity to become participants in protecting and enhancing Oxley Creek and its surrounding green open spaces by building their knowledge about its people, plants and animals.

The Junior Ranger Program hosts a range of activities for children of all ages, including the Warril Parkland Discovery Trail which includes quizzes and challenges, to complete in the Parkland, as well as activities that can be completed at home or school.

Colouring in fun!

Colour in the unsustainable and unsustainable things in the picture!

How many solar panels can you see? Count them all then colour in the picture!

Our wildlife

Habitats are homes

This online school lesson by officers at Council’s Boondall Wetlands Environment Centre focuses on the five things that animals need from their habitats for survival – clean air, clean water, food source, shelter and a mate within a wetland environment.


Check out my herd! We are the only herding dugongs in the world that can be seen this close to a major capital city.

Dugong rely on seagrass for food but often dirt from our catchments smothers the grass, limiting their food supply. We increase their food supply by keeping sediment (dirt) out of our waterways, through projects such as Council’s Downfall Creek restoration project.

Nature exploration

Agents of Discovery

Ever wondered what is like to be a nature agent? Download Agents of Discovery to get the kids active, engaged and exploring the Brisbane City Council Environment Centres. Download the app from Apple or Google.

Join Environment Centre staff or volunteers on 28 Sep who will lead kids on their mission and help them explore local bushland, wetlands, and other natural areas for challenges.

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Visit an Environment Centre

Conquer school holiday boredom by embracing the outdoors at Brisbane’s Environment Centres.

Explore the list of activities for a fortnight of exploration across the wetlands and forest reserves. Book now today!

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