Virtual Green Heart Fair: Green Home Living

Activities and DIYs

Make your own beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap and help prevent plastic waste from going into landfill or ending up as litter.

Use banana peels to help grow your garden

Discover three ways you can easily make fertiliser and mulch from banana skins. Banana peels are full of nutrients your indoor plants and garden will love!

30 minute mozzarella recipe

With Valerie Pearson from Green Living Australia.

Making dairy yoghurt

With Valerie Pearson from Green Living Australia.

Advice and tips

Compost and gardening

Supercharge your Plants with Bokashi Goodness

Insider tips on using the natural by-products of bokashi composting for your plants and garde

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Why composting is awesome for the planet

As individuals we can all make a difference to our planet by returning our household food waste to the soil.

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Fast-growing edibles for Spring

The fastest-growing veggies and herbs for the warmer months in South-East Queensland.

Let’s grow!
Growing a herb garden with Linda Brennan

Linda Brennan from Ecobotanica takes you on a herb ramble through her garden to introduce you to her favourite subtropical herbs that you can grow in your own Brisbane garden.

Disease control in the garden with Annette McFarlane

In this video Annette talks about ways to control diseases in your garden, as well as ways to prevent them. This video includes recipes for garden sprays.

Pest control in the garden with Annette McFarlane

In this video, Annette talks about pest control in your garden. The video includes a recipe summary list at the end.

Caring for native wildlife

Native bee workshop with Tarragindi community garden
Queensland Government’s koala habitat restoration

Fast facts

Did you know that 80% of plastic found in our waterways have only been used once, and 34% of sea turtles in Moreton Bay have plastics in their bellies?  You can make a difference by saying no to single use plastic and using a sustainable alternative.

Frogs don’t fib.  Frogs can tell us if our water is clean.  Did you know that frogs are living bio-indicators?  They have thin skin that easily absorbs toxins, telling us if pollution levels are high.  Lots of frogs means healthy water!

Water sampling can find out where platypus are hiding!  Council is using Environmental DNA monitoring on waterways across Brisbane.  Traces of platypus DNA in the water helps tell us if platypus are in our creeks.

Sustainable living

Camping with a conscience

Some tried and tested tips to consider for your next family camping trip.

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Building Flood Resilience
Chelmer Flood Resilient Home Solid timber door

Your guide to preparing Brisbane homes for flooding events.

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Building with recycled timber

With wood lasting a long time, it’s the ideal material for recycling.

Tips from our supporter, IKEA

Tips and tricks from real families

General sustainable tips and trips from real families on a sustainable journey.

IKEA + you Families

Meet the families who are changing their habits for the better, in an effort to stamp out waste and live more sustainably. Join in on the mini challenges too.

Sustainable eating with plant-based foods

Introducing the new plant ball. It has the look, taste and juicy bite of its meaty counterpart, but only 4% of the climate footprint. 

Take the Brisbane Carbon Challenge

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