Virtual Green Heart Fair: Energy Efficiency 101

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Activities and DIYs

Colouring in

Colour in the unsustainable and unsustainable things in the picture!

Count the solar panels

How many solar panels can you see? Count them all then colour in the picture!

Mojo Power’s energy saving advice


Saving energy can be as simple as turning off a switch rather than leaving an appliance on stand-by. The less energy you use, the less you have to pay for. You’ll also be helping the environment by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use.

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Top 3 ways smart meters can help you save energy

A smart meter is an advanced digital meter that reads and records the amount of electricity you use over 30 minute intervals and remotely communicates this information back to your power company. They don’t look too dissimilar to your old basic meter, but do offer several advantages.

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How to use renewable energy at home

Did you know the electricity you buy from your power company mostly comes from fossil fuels? It’s not possible to control which electrons (renewable or non-renewable) are delivered to your home – the electricity is all mixed in together. So how can you use renewable energy in your home?

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Laundry for less

Rethink washing day to improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower your power bills.

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Saving energy around your home in Summer

The warmer weather doesn’t need to mean higher energy bills.

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Mythbusting solar installation

Clear up any questions you have about installing solar.

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Take the Brisbane Carbon Challenge

  1. Calculate your household emissions and take the #Brisbane Carbon Challenge
  2. See all the actions you can take to help reduce your carbon emissions
  3. View our resources to help you on your carbon-reducing journey

Resilient Clubs Support Program

The Resilient Clubs Support Program is helping Brisbane clubs become more energy and water efficient to reduce operational costs, future-proofing them for the benefit of the Brisbane community. Clubs invited to the program are supported through identifying and implementing practical options to improve their water and energy management, which can help to reduce maintenance costs. Because clubs with sporting fields tend to be larger users of water, the program has a particular focus on supporting these clubs.

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Learn about our supporter Mojo Power and their Evergreen electricity plan