Why Brisbane Sustainability Agency?

Sustainability means creating a world that endures – environmentally, economically, socially.

Why choose us?

Brisbane Sustainability Agency partners with people and organisations who want to lead in sustainability across waste, energy, water, transport, climate resilience, greenhouse emissions, green space and the circular economy.

Expertise – an end-to-end service in the sustainability space

Trust – complimenting and supporting without competing

Connections – close relationships with government

Relevance – audiences attuned to sustainability messages and initiatives

Proven – a track-record spanning over 10 years

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Supporting our network

Connecting mutual interests

Business support and progression

Specialist project management & research

Delivering Nationally

Brisbane Sustainability Agency has a national reach, with existing projects operating through the eastern states and into Western Australia. We have a particularly strong presence across Queensland, with current projects spanning state-wide delivery to specific metro or regional focus.

Delivering for Brisbane

Brisbane Sustainability Agency was created by Brisbane City Council to help make Brisbane our nation’s most sustainable city. 

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Annual report 2020-21

Over the past year, Brisbane Sustainability Agency delivered a series of initiatives to build a more sustainable, resilient city and collaborated with our stakeholders and partners to deliver sustainability outcomes for both businesses and residents.

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Meet our team

A team delivering positive environmental, community and commercial outcomes.

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