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Memories of water

Water is an important part of us, the way we live and an important part of Brisbane’s identity. As our city changes, we need to be smarter about water so that Brisbane remains a beautiful and liveable city now and into the future. We all have stories about water, its value, different uses and fond memories.

Lower Brisbane Catchment Story

To effectively manage a catchment it is important to have a collective understanding of how the catchment works. This map journal gathers information from experts and other data sources to provide that understanding.

The map journal was prepared by the Queensland Wetlands Program in the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection in collaboration with local partners.

Water saving tips and advice

Save water at home with Urban Utilities

Water is a precious and finite resource and each of us has a part to play in using water in a sustainable way.

Saving water during Summer

Save water in your home during Summer with these easy switches.

Waterwise gardening

Water and heat stress leads to sick and non-productive plants prone to disease and pest attack. Claire Bickle comes to the rescue with tips to save you water, time and money.

Drought response

Brisbane City Council’s response

In times of drought, Council limits its operational water usage and supports Brisbane residents to do the same.

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How to be water wise this summer

Urban Utilities is encouraging residents to be water wise with a forecast hot summer ahead.

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Brisbane’s current condition

There are currently no water restrictions in Brisbane, however if we all do a little bit now, it could make a big difference down the track.

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Waterway health

Waterway quality monitoring

Water quality monitoring is a key process to evaluate the health of the environment and plan ways to rehabilitate the area.

Downfall Creek restoration project

Council is partnering with the Port of Brisbane and the Council of Mayors’ (SEQ) Resilient Rivers Initiative to restore sections of Downfall Creek at 7th Brigade Park, Chermside.  Restoration works will:

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Stormwater drains

Our homes and streets connect to waterways via stormwater drains. To help keep our waterways clean you can:

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Brisbane’s Total Water Cycle Management Plan

Brisbane’s Total Water Cycle Management Plan (BTWCMP) helps guide Brisbane City Council’s management of our city’s water resources. The plan supports the vision, goals and outcomes of Council’s WaterSmart Strategy. It updates the strategy following the January 2011 floods, the releases of Council’s Brisbane Economic Development Plan 2012-2031 and changes to the water sector.

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